Fri Feb 27 11:18pm CST
Vers: 4.336 Build: 03/05/2013

10Gbps High Speed Network and Cloud Computing Testbed

CRON is a cyberinfrastructure of reconfigurable optical networking environment that can provide multiple virtual networking testbeds consisting of routers, delay links, and high-end workstation operating up to 10Gbps bandwidth. Different application developers and networking researchers can use those virtually created high speed networking and computing environments without technical knowledge of network hardwares and softwares. From the support of NSF (award #0821741) and GENI grants, the LANET network research group at Louisiana State University has developed and operated the CRON testbed which is based on the framework of Emulab project.

CRON provides integrated and automated access to a wide range of high speed networking configurations, such as NLR (National Lambda Rail), Internet2, LONI (Louisiana Optical Network Initiative), etc., and purely user-defined networks. Moreover, users can dynamically reconfigure whole computing resources, such as operating system, middleware, applications, based on their specific demands. Due to the automated and reconfigurable characteristics, all types of experiments over CRON will be repeatable and controllable.

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